• Tessa Jowell visits Norwood School

    Citizenship GCSE and Politics A level students were thrilled to welcome Tessa Jowell, MP for Dulwich and West Norwood to the school on Friday 14 March.

    Tessa took over the mike and spoke about her career as an MP and the changing party political landscape. Students eagerly asked her questions about issues they felt strongly about and Tessa offered help and gave advice as to how they could best pursue these issues. She even asked Chyna for a list of all the politicians she’s written to that haven’t replied and said she’d follow up with them.

    She was asked about her achievements in office and the achievements of Tony Benn (whose death had been announced that morning) by an enthusiastic Jacob Kouatan. When asked why politicians were not doing more to address issues, Tessa challenged the students to give up some of their time to campaign on the issues important to them.

    Students raised the important issue of stop and search in Lambeth, the plight of child soldiers, the homeless in London, the lack of PSHCE in schools and the arms trade.

    Finally, sixth formers asked Tessa about collective responsibility as a member of the Labour cabinet and if there were any issues she had to support at that time which she didn’t agree with. We never got to hear her answer as the conversation moved to the contentious issue of the Iraq War!

    We’d like to thank Tessa Jowell for visiting the school, for encouraging the students and for replying to all the students’ letters and emails during the year.

  • Take a Risk Teaching 2014! TART Week!

    Keeping Teaching and Learning high on the agenda saw our focus on innovative teaching and learning strategies last week.

    Staff from across the school, in all faculties, joined in throughout the week, working with one another to consider different approaches that we know will help engage our already well motivated, imaginative students.

    Harnessing creativity and collaboration was key to many of the exciting activities that staff planned.

    Learning was brought to life outside the confines of a classroom, worksheets were banned, questioning was developed, students took on leadership roles within lessons, key word hot seating was used as plenaries, peer and self assessment was built into personalised learning plans that the children wrote themselves, LSA's led discussions and fedback to staff and thinking maps were used across revision lessons. Some teachers banned paper or computers for the lesson and colleagues observed one another or team taught outside their subject area!

    The sharing board in the staffroom was crammed with ideas and comments from teachers and students 'awesome lesson!', 'Students took ownership of their learning', 'everyone worked so well together - building relationships and working as a team', 'students taught a section of my lesson - Venus Barker was amazing - a really gifted teacher in the making!', 'we made water poetry outside with Mr Harvey.' We danced in the atium in Miss Quay's lesson'.

    Well done to everyone!

  • Students' recognised for excellent manners!

    It is always a pleasure inviting visitors into the school and especially delightful when they take the time to contact us to let us know what a good impression the children give.

    Dear Mrs Webster,

    It was a pleasure formally meeting you today and seeing the new Norwood School. The quiet and calm atmosphere makes you feel as though you are not even in a school. On our way up to see you in your office, when walking through the foyer a group of students said good morning to us and on the stairwell my colleague dropped her bag and a male student stopped and asked if everything was ok. The manners and politeness of the students and the way they conduct themselves around the school was exemplary.

    I look forward to working with you and your team at The Norwood School.

    Kind regards

    Alicia Reynolds Assoc CIPD

  • The Young Heroes of Norwood School : Dajour Elliott, Hamed Coulibaly and Madina Bengaly

    We were very proud of Dajour, Hamed and Madina and were so pleased to recieve this delightful email from Ms Murray, one of the senior teachers at Bishops Thomas Grant School.

    Dear Mrs Webster

    I would like to take this opportunity to commend and thank the 3 students named above from Norwood School. PC Ian informed me on Friday that they had helped a vulnerable Year 8 student from Bishop Thomas Grant last week, while on his way to school. The young man in question was targeted by an older youth who was clearly trying to scare, humiliate and rob him. Your students, Dajour, Hamed and Madina immediately came to the rescue and strongly persuaded the youth to leave our young student alone. They then looked after him and retrieved his belongings while he was very clearly traumatised by the incident.

    We hear so many negative reports about young people today, so it is a pleasure to be able to challenge that view and highlight the good citizens that are not frightened to stand up for what is right and just. This supportive behaviour sets such a good example and the three students are clearly strong and positive role models for young people in our community.

    I am sure that you are very proud of all three individuals and I would like you to extend my grateful thanks to them on behalf of Bishop Thomas Grant School.

    Yours Sincerely

    Mary Murray

    Deputy Headteacher


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