• Open Season Feedback

    Thank you to all the parents and children who have visited us this Open Season. It has certainly been a very busy year!

    It has been a pleasure meeting you all, and we look forward to seeing you all again, hopefully in September, when you and your children may be joining us as new Yr 7.

    Take a look at some of the great comments that parents have left this year…….

    “Thank you to Alex for showing us around the school and providing us with good information”.

    “I would like my child to attend this school because it is very welcoming, organised and there are many interesting things to learn and do. His sister attended this school and I also attended many years ago”.

    “Our tour guide was very good”!

    “I was very impressed with the school and it will be high on my list”.

    “First impressions are really great. The staff are so friendly and approachable. I like the fact this it is a smaller school that treats every child as an individual”.

    “I had a very informative tour of the school and all my questions were answered very well. I also love the lay out of the classrooms”.

    “Very welcoming – facilities seem good”.

    “The school feels like a caring and supporting environment. Pupils and staff are helpful and friendly. Much praise and thanks to our excellent guide”.

    “I am impressed by the school’s design and infrastructure”.

    “I very much enjoyed my tour of the school, I gained a very positive impression and I think the guide was a wonderful ambassador for the school.”

    “The tour was very helpful and Kieron the guide was good with fantastic knowledge of the school”.

    “I have lived in the area for 20+ years and I am very impressed at what I see here”.

    “Norwood school is a very nice school, the building is amazing, the new uniform is great and the overall layout is great”.

    “This is the first school we have seen and we have been impressed with the facilities and the organised nature of the school. We are impressed with the students’ behaviour in class and the very friendly environment.”

    “We were very impressed with the tour and information received from the Year 8 guide. She explained how much support she is given in school and how her experience in school is made interesting and fun. We also liked the range of lessons/activities and the fact that the children in each lesson contributed and seemed to understand and ask questions without feeling uncomfortable”.

    “I was very impressed by the school, the students and the staff. Everyone was very welcoming and helpful.”

    “Myself and my son found the tour and our guide very helpful. I was very impressed in how well the children moved between lessons and how polite they are and how happy they seem in the school.”

    “I found the school very interesting and the focus on the Arts and creativity. My daughter will definitely love this school because she loves the Arts and science and performing as well.”

    “Fascinated with the infrastructure and environment here and would love to see my child here.”

    “We were really impressed by the tour. The school had a lovely feel to it.”

    “Love the new build and the progress the school has made in the last several years – very impressed!”.

    “Our tour guide was excellent and we enjoyed seeing the school. I hope my child chooses Norwood!”.

    “My child has been interested in Norwood school since she visited in Year 3, she always keeps talking about it – this is definitely her first choice of school.”

  • High praise from local residents

    Dear Mrs Webster,

    I am a local resident, living on Norwood Park Road.

    I wanted to write to let you know how impressed I am with the behaviour of the pupils at Norwood School. My husband and I have often commented that coming and going on the bus in the morning and afternoon, they always seem extremely calm, and have always been helpful when I have a buggy to manoeuvre past them!

    In addition, at a local shop this afternoon, as some of your pupils lined up quietly outside, waiting to take their turn in the shop, they moved politely out of the way when I needed to come out.

    Teenagers in general, and especially in London, often get such a bad press these days, so I thought it was important to let you and your staff, as well as your fantastic pupils, know that their excellent behaviour is noticed!

    Yours sincerely,

    Helen Jones

  • Letter from L'Arche

  • Brilliant Band Gig!

    Thank you to Ms Wise who booked the band into another successful gig at the White Lion.

    It was great to see so many parents supporting the students, they were really impressed with the performances - so mature and confident!- so thank you to everyone for their commitment and enthusiasm.

    In other Music News - well done to Shamanie and Mikayla who are off to work experience on Monday at the Lambeth Musictrax Festival at the Royal Festival Hall, arranged through Lambeth Music Service. Their parents are rightly proud and the students very excited!

    The next gig for the band is a big one - Lambeth Country Show on 19th July - do join us if you can.


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