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The Norwood School

Timetable of Activites, Trips and Visitors Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday

All students are expected to arrive and register at the usual time on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

Students are mixed into vertical groupings in Key Stage 3 and into six mixed groups in Yr 10.

Students will all be issued with an individual timetable taken from the master overview below and will be informed of their group number. They will remain in that group all day Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. 

Each day is divided into three sessions. The timetable reads across from the group number on the left to right.

The colour coding indicates the faculty that each session will be taking place in and gives the room number that the children must arrive at for that session.

Students are expected to arrive in school in full uniform for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

They will need to bring basic equipment with them.

If they are attending a PE session in the Sports Hall - 'Yellow' - or a Dance session  - 'Pink' - then they must bring in PE to change into.

We have the highest expectations of behaviour, as usual, across the week. Normal school rules apply.

Individual instructions will be advertised around the school about arrangements for Thursday trips and are to be found on 'Letters for Seaside/Lido trips July 13th 2017 - a tab to your left.