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The Norwood School

Michael Ha - Cambridge University Undergraduate

Russell Group Programme Students in Yr9 and Yr10:    Ella Joseph-Stewart, Preet Mhatre, Samuel Chukwuezi, Sanyam Sharma, A J Bhardwaj, Tegan James, Marvin Boamah

Thank you to Michael Ha – an undergraduate from Cambridge University, who joined us this afternoon to speak to our Year 9 and 10 Russell Group Programme students.

Michael, who himself went to an inner city secondary school in Hackney, is in his final year of six years at the University. He has an incredible list of qualifications – achieved 12A*s and 2As at GCSE, completed four A Levels at school, Chemistry A*, Biology A, Maths A* and Fine Art A as well as fitting in time to take a fifth -  Further Maths which he studied in his own time – achieving another A grade! He has taken an Art History Degree and also Medicine. Coming from a background where neither of his parents or siblings had any university experience – he knew that it was going to be a challenge to get into the top universities – but a challenge that he was keen to rise to.

He was certainly very impressed with the provision that we have established here for our most able learners, the university visits, mentoring and high expectations. He was also incredibly impressed with the inquisitive nature of the students themselves, the level of interest in the session and the obvious engagement. His session touched upon Cambridge University life, what to expect from some of the courses, how to apply, how to prepare for interviews and what to include and consider when writing your personal statement as well as the importance of public speaking.

Students were thoroughly captivated by the afternoon and their feedback was incredibly positive.

‘I want to go to Cambridge’, said Preet, ‘it was a real eye opener of what to expect, very inspirational and exciting!’

Ella said, ‘I learnt that Cambridge isn’t a posh place just for private school students and that I have as good a chance as anyone of getting in’.

Thank you Michael and well done the Russell Group Programme students for being such excellent ambassadors for the Norwood School.