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The Norwood School

Yr 8 Visit to The Globe Theatre

A wonderful 'Year' group outing!

Thank you to Mr Blakelock for organising the Yr 8 trip to the Globe theatre to watch an engaging version of Shakespeare’s The Taming of the Shrew. A new play to almost all the Norwood School audience, we watched , gripped on the edges of our seats waiting to see if Katherine really could be tamed! 

In many ways the children agreed that it was a very controversial play – a play within a play, with themes that they did find quite challenging and exciting at times. It was helpful to have had the précis that Mr Blakelock had given us all – so that we had a good idea about the complexities of the plot before we went.

We all agreed that it wasn’t just about watching the play though – it was a chance to be out together as a group, to reward those children who get ‘it’ right on a daily basis and to make the most of the whole outdoor theatrical experience that the Globe offers – quite unique.