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The Norwood School

Thank you from a member of the general public

It is always a pleasure to hear from members of the public who notice how well behaved our students are whilst travelling to and from school. We recieved this early today;

Dear Mrs Webster,

I am a parent of a child who goes to a local school- St Joseph's Federation Primary and I just wanted to write to you to tell you of my experience on the 196 bus after school. It is not often that good behaviour is acknowledged, praised, or passed on. Too many of us are quick to complain or point the finger when students are behaving in a despicable manner, but too lazy to report the good. Some may even say the bad outweighs the good. I want to point out that two girls from your school travelling on the bus offered me their seat, this is indeed a rare scenario. I politely declined as I believe the children deserve to sit just as much as myself, maybe even more so as they have been at school all day. I am not elderly, I am not pregnant, I am not disabled, and my youngest daughter was asleep in her pram, yet these two girls put a fellow passenger before themselves and I am grateful for this. They then went on to offer their seat to another mum and her child and stood for the remainder of their journey. The children at your school on this particular bus set a good example and you should be proud to have such polite, respectful students attending your school. Well done!

Kind regards
Miss S K


Well done to those girls for setting such an excellent example and acting as positive ambassadors on behalf of our school.