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The Norwood School

A meeting with Zigi Shipper

 Clapham Picture House - A Holocaust Survivor's Story

I was intrigued to hear the story of a Holocaust survivor. Learning about The Holocaust in school led me to feel devastated that such atrocities could take place in the world. Following my initial excitement, three short clips came on and briefly described about how life was for children during the Holocaust. I was aware of the pain children and the elderly went through, however watching the clips reminded me of how lucky I am. Luck seemed to be a key message throughout the morning.

We were introduced to Zigi Shipper as soon as the film finished. As he was telling us his story it made me feel shocked at some of the experiences that he endured and the fact he was here to tell the story today. He often referred to his survival as “luck”.

Mr Shipper was freed by the US and Britain the same day his grandmother had sadly passed away. He said “I wanted my grandmother to have had at least one day of freedom before she died”. Luckily for Shipper he was treated straight away and was out within 3 months. Mr Shipper went to live in Palestine before leaving to go and live with his mother in the UK.  

Mr Shipper is one of very few Holocaust survivors who tell the story all over the world. There is one thing that really stood out to me during the interview. Shipper wanted the audience to go away with this message:

“Enjoy life, don’t hate anyone in life as it simply will not get you anywhere or resolve anything”.


 Jelani Eguakun (9JYO)