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The Norwood School

Black Cultural Archive Brixton

Ms Richardson and Ms Gibb's Year 8 History class visited the Black Cultural Archive in Brixton for a workshop on black Georgians.

In lessons they have been studying the slave trade and the workshop explored the different ways that people resisted. They read newspapers from the 1700s and were amazed at the small dense text and strange style of the English used. Despite a ruling that people could not be ‘owned’ in Britain, they read stories of runaway slaves, including a woman called Ceclia who had escaped from her master in Blackheath. The group really impressed the staff from the archive, who said they were attentive, inquisitive and very well mannered. Well Done Year 8! The archive is a fantastic local resource that we are making a great deal of use of this year – thank you to everyone there for making the trip such an interesting one.