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The Norwood School

Students find their voice!

An extremely coherent, mature letter from our Students 4 Sustainable Futures written to Cathy Twist -Director Education, Learning and Skills.

Dear Mrs Twist, 

We are writing to you to address the subject of strike for climate on behalf of our peers at the Norwood School. We are sure you're aware of the email that was sent to Lambeth schools addressing that the head teacher is not allowed to authorise the absences to attend the youths strikes for climate. 


This is a very controversial topic and as young teenagers who are scared for our planets future we feel very strongly about this topic. Our friend Esme has created a petition regarding this topic and has over 170 signatures within 24 hours which shows how many people care about this subject. 


Lambeth claims to be one of the greenest boroughs in London, but how do you expect that to be kept up if we're not allowed to fight for our future and the climate? One of the human rights is freedom of speech, but how are we meant to showcase our concern for the environment and the future of our planet if we aren't allowed to go on marches?


Lambeth also states that our education comes first however our school believes that striking is an educational experience. How are we meant to think about the future of our education if we might not have one? In a culture where political affairs are so prominent, its crucial that we as the youth and future of this country know how to deal with political matters by being allowed to voice our opinion and one of the only ways for young people to voice these concern is to protest as we currently are unable to vote.


As citizens of a country that is in the United Nations we have a right to protest under article 10 of the human rights act. By taking away our ability to protest you are denying us one of our fundamental human rights. Public authorities such as your own are obligated to follow the human rights act in everything they do.



Eva , Maya and Daisy from The Norwood School