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The Norwood School

Yr 10 Phased return update May 29th 2020

Friday 29th May 2020

Dear Year 10 Parents,

I hope that this email finds you and your families safe and well.

I wrote to you last Friday to let you know that we were actively responding to the government’s announcement about the possibility of providing an in school programme for Years 10 and 12 after half term. Secondary schools received guidance earlier this week as to exactly what such an in school programme might look like. We continue to do what we can to keep you all as well informed as possible, as quickly as possible.


Latest Government Guidance


We will be finalising our detailed and comprehensive risk assessment which we will share with you shortly. Following on from some of the feedback you offered via the online questionnaire, we know that many of you will value some insight into the adjustments we are making to the site for a phased and safe return.


Please be advised that whatever happens, remote learning will continue for all classes over the next half term. School will NOT be open to the whole year group at ANY point this summer term. Students will be invited to attend pre arranged sessions.


The first two weeks back after the half term break will see your son/daughter's form tutor making a personal ‘well being’ phone contact. This will give us the opportunity to find out how well he/she has been engaging in remote learning and will highlight any areas of particular need we might need to address with regards to their academic progress over the next few months. Staff will be calling home and checking in with students in their form groups - this is likely to have been from a withheld number. We've had some difficulties calling homes from outside school - some service providers/phones allow for calls from withheld numbers, and others don't.


If and when we are able to schedule a phased return for small groups of students from June 15th, our initial plans are to provide a focus on the Core, ie: English, Maths and Science, then, where possible, moving onto accessing some support for Options later this term.


Please be advised that school will NOT be open at the usual times.

If, over the next few weeks it is safe to open the school for staff and students, our plans so far are as follows;




Timings of the school day

Year 10

Arrival onsite from 9am.

Access and signing in via Crown Lane front and Elder Road back gates as instructed in advance.


Session 1  9:30am – 10:30am

Zones Cleaned

Supervised Break and hand wash 10:30 – 10:45am

Session 2 10:45 – 11:45am

Zones Cleaned

Supervised Lunch and hand wash  11:45am  - 12:30pm

Session 3 12:30pm – 1:30pm

Hand wash and escorted off site


We are planning on creating segregated teaching /social zones

Zone 1 Maths Corridor S41/S42 (opened up) S43 Top Floor toilets. Back exit to back playground for outside space.

Zone 2 English Corridor F42/F43 (opened up) F39 Ground Floor toilets. Central staircase to exit the upper quad via lower corridor doors.

Zone 3 MFL Breakout space and F26 First Floor Toilets. Back stairwell to access the basketball court for outside space.

Zone 4 Key Workers and Vulnerable Students Library and Atrium.Ground Floor toilets towards the front of the building and lower quad outside space.

Small groups of Sixth Form that will be onsite at any time will be housed on the opposite side of the school in the Visual and Performing Arts areas and will access via the Yr 11 outside space by the downstairs dance studio.




Expectations and Protocols

  • Students will remain within their zone for the duration of the day.
  • Each zone will have its own toilets/access/exit/outside space.
  • Each Zone will have a particular cleaner assigned to it.
  • Each zone will have sanitising stations.
  • Cleaners will wipe down tables and dispose of wipes after each lesson.
  • Following government guidance up to 25% of the year group will be on site on any one day (this will include those vulnerable students and children of key workers).
  • Arrangements will be confirmed with families prior to students being invited onsite. ONLY EXPECTED STUDENTS will be allowed onsite on any one day.
  • Group sizes will be limited.
  • Timetabled days will be Monday, Wednesday and Friday to allow for deep cleaning in these areas in between delivery days.
  • There will be a health and safety check on arrival,students will be directed to zoned playgrounds.
  • On arrival - temperature check (infrared thermometers) /hand wash/FSM order/’phones off’ check/outdoor garments removed and placed in plastic bags.
  • Those in receipt of FSM will order one of two alternative lunches available each day and will be escorted in shifts to the lunch hall at 15-minute intervals to collect a pre-prepared lunch pack.
  • Dress Code: Clean skirt/trousers and white school shirt. Blazers and ties do not need to be worn. 
  • All students will bring their own refreshments and healthy snacks on site including filled water bottles.
  • All toilets will be marked with 2 m markings outside for supervised queuing – one in one out.
  • All floors will be marked with 2m intervals and one-way markings.
  • Notices will have been posted around the school with regards personal hygiene and following health guidelines.
  • Pedal bins will be provided for easy disposal of waste.
  • Hand sanitisers have been installed at regular intervals on site.
  • Toilet facilities will be monitored and limited to one in one out.
  • Toilet facilities will display clear handwashing guidance, soap and paper towels.
  • All internal doors will remain propped open to avoid contact.
  • Windows will be open as appropriate to maximise fresh air circulation.
  • Students will be required to bring their own pens/pencils etc that will remain on site at the end of the day in a named plastic bag issued by the school.
  • Students will be issued with one new exercise book for each core subject which will remain in their named plastic bag.
  • Students will be welcome to wear their own face masks and bring their own hand sanitiser on site.
  • Students will be encouraged to walk or cycle to school.
  • Students who choose to use public transport MUST wear facemasks.

A designated medical space has been set up to be used if a student presents with symptoms. The medical space will be isolated from the rest of the spaces used in school. In the case of any student onsite falling ill, parents will be contacted immediately and asked to collect the students from the front gate.

We will not be expecting any parents on site during the working day.

We will be updating a number of the school policies in order to reflect changes to the ways in which we will be working during theCovid 19 pandemic. These will need to be shared with staff as well as pupils in advance of any return.

Please continue to keep up to date with all communications sent - copies are always posted on the website on the letters and communications page under the Parents Tab.


Please also see the images attached that will give you an idea of some of the preparations that we have been making.


Please remember that your child can communicate with their form tutor via their google classroom or through their school gmail account. Subject teachers can be contacted in a similar way too. Please remember to ensure that you inform us of any changes to your contact details.


Wishing you and your families a safe and pleasant weekend,

Take care and stay safe,


Mrs Webster

Head Teacher