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The Norwood School

Welcome Back Everyone!

It has been so great to see the students again today.

Welcome back to everyone, especially our new Year 7's who have joined us for the first time!

Kyra (above) was pleased to tell her mum and dad what a great time she had had!


Polite reminder school starts Monday for ALL students.

Gates Open at 8am.

ALL students must be onsite by 8:30am

Yr 7 and 8 Elder Rd Entrance

Yr 9 Woodvale Estate Entrance (The Tivoli Rd entrance seems to have been the preferred access point today)

Yr 10, 11 and 12 Crown Dale Entrance


Reminder that there will only be lunch provided for those in receipt of FSM. ALL other children must bring their own snacks and packed lunch.


All students must bring a refillable water bottle.



Max, Jefferson, Rufus, Esme and Jada ( below) had a great time too!


Have a pleasant weekend everyone.

Take care.