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The Norwood School

Yr 10 Raising Concerns with Helen Hayes MP

Yr 10 met with local MP Helen Hayes this week. 

Brianna and Nathan wrote, 'on the 13th of May 2021, our Year 10 citizenship class had a workshop with Members of Parliament. We got an insight into what it is like to be in Parliament : from the two chambers of parliament, to what it takes to make a law. Towards the end of the workshop, our class got the opportunity to ask our local MP, Helen Hayes, questions. Our peers asked questions like:

  • “In regards to education and GCSEs next year, do you think they will be made easier or more lenient — and how will this be done?”

  • “ Do you have faith in your leader Sir Keir Starmer?” 

  • “Do you think that NHS workers should have received more than a 1% pay rise?”

Helen was very impressed with these questions and thought it was only right to cover some of the points in her speech later that day in the House of Commons.

On behalf of everyone in our class, we would like to say thank you to parliament for the fantastic workshop. Also, a massive thank you to Helen Hayes for making sure that our young voices are heard!


Back at Parliament, Helen Hayes said, 'Our children and young people have borne the brunt of the pandemic, missing out on learning, extracurricular activities and time with their friends. Their mental health has suffered, and the disadvantage gap in education has widened. Last year’s exam scandal heaped yet more entirely avoidable misery on an already difficult year, with thousands of young people plunged into weeks of turmoil, with their dreams at risk, because of the Government’s botched algorithm. This year’s exam students have also been put through months of anxiety due to dithering and uncertainty about how they would be assessed. I met this morning with year 10 students at the Norwood School in my constituency, who asked for urgent clarity on how they will be assessed in their GCSE and BTEC exams next year and how the Government will take account of the two years of disrupted education they have suffered.

For full details of her speech follow this link.