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The Norwood School

Timings of the School Day

Following on from our consultation, please read the letter sent to families about the slight changes to our school day.

Dear Parents/Carers,


We are writing to inform you that following a consultation period, the school day will run from 8.40 - 3.10 from September 1st 2022.


There are a number of reasons for this decision, in particular the need to extend the lunch break from its current format of half an hour. As the school has grown in popularity and size over recent years a half an hour lunch break has proven insufficient for the number of students we now have to get their comfort break, refreshments and have a little social time before returning to lessons .


Feedback from students is that a long time is spent queuing for food and having little time for anything else. Likewise, some staff are getting a very short break, particularly those with fuller timetables. We wish to cater to the wellbeing of students and staff by extending the lunch break.


We would like to thank parents and carers who took the time to respond. 

We do not envisage any issues with students being able to access public transport as the change of time will allow our closest neighbouring secondary school to utilise transport at different times to our students. The closure of Virgo Fidelis School has also alleviated the demand on public transport at school travel times in the immediate vicinity. This will all help to stagger demand on local buses and ease crowding.


We appreciate that some families rely upon older children to collect siblings from local primaries. These students therefore can miss out on after school activities, however, as a longer lunch means we can offer more extra curricular opportunities in the middle of the day, they can join in then. 


It is also to be noted that though we will finish a little later, it is still an earlier finish time than many schools, allowing for safer travel home when evenings are darker.


We will of course monitor the implementation of a longer lunchtime and hope your child benefits from a calmer and more productive midday break.


Best Wishes, 


Niki Clemenger & Richard Cole