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The Norwood School

Message from the Metropolitan Police

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Stop and search in Brixton Town Centre - Tuesday 14th June 2022

Police officers who were on patrol in Brixton Town Centre on Tuesday 14th June 2022 approached 3
young people who made off from them.

One of the people stopped was an 11 year old girl who was found in possession of a large kitchen
knife. She was not local to the area and we are working with partners in regards to the safeguarding
concerns and importantly to understand why an 11 year old girl was in possession of such a weapon.
During the stop a large group surrounded Officers. The matter was resolved on the evening however
we are aware how impactful incidents such as these can be in regards to local confidence and trust
in the service we provide.

In the Metropolitan Police and locally in Lambeth we know that we are most effective when we
police with the support of the public, working together to tackle those causing the most harm. We
are continuing to engage with our local communities and advisory groups.