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The Norwood School

End of Summer term letter from the Co Head Teachers

End of term letter emailed to families.

Dear Parents and Carers, 


We write during potentially the hottest days on record in the UK and unfortunately while working remotely. The decision to close during this extreme hot weather was taken to ensure the safety of all of our community and we thank you for your understanding and cooperation in this. 


When reflecting over this academic year, there have been many changes but also the return of some of our much missed Norwood traditions. Firstly, the retirement of our  long-standing headteacher, Denise Webster, was the start to our year. Becoming acting, interim and now permanent co-headteachers has made us incredibly proud.  We thank all of you for your support and kind words of encouragement and, having been part of Norwood’s story for such a long time, we are keen to retain all that makes Norwood a unique and special place as we move into the future. 


We have happily had many opportunities to witness Norwood returning to its best this year. Returning to the usual timetable structure, mixed year group playgrounds and canteens means we can be together again and we have squeezed as much as possible into our academic year.  Trips and events have returned with new opportunities for sporting and subject competitions, theatre and gallery visits, performances and more residential school journeys than ever before. These have provided much needed new experiences as well as fun and friendship. Only this past week we have had the belated return of Norwood Factor.  It felt like something of a homecoming. And we managed at least one sports day - despite the extreme weather.  Our introduction of our new house system has been a terrific addition for our school community- introducing some healthy competition and teamwork among our staff and students alike. 


We wanted to make sure students were able to feel supported and have fun following the tribulations of the past few years.  We have also, however, made sure students prioritise their school studies and get used to a return to routines, systems and expectations. We will be having a real focus on embedding our broad and comprehensive curriculum and ensuring high quality learning experiences for all students. We have also returned to the first set of public exams since 2019 this year.  Our teachers and support staff worked incredibly hard to reassure and prepare students for the stresses and strains of exam season. We look forward to positive outcomes over the summer and wish all of our Year 11 and Year 13 students luck on their exam results days in August.  We know of their high aspirations for the future and hope they get exactly what they need to make their next steps. For those that need it, school staff will be on hand to provide advice and guidance on what to do next.  We hope to see many of our year 11 back in our 6th form as Year 12 students. 


For your information, Thursday 1st and Friday 2nd of September are Staff INSET days. Monday 5th September will see new Yr 7 join us for their Induction Day and Yr11 for their Academic Review meetings and work experience debrief. Letters outlining the organisation of both days will be sent to those families involved. School restarts for all students on Tuesday 6th September, students need to be here by 8:30am in full school uniform.


A polite reminder about the new timings of the end of the school day as of September - we will be finishing at 3:10pm.


Families whose children are in receipt of Free School Meals will receive vouchers over the break, so please keep an eye out for your emails and check your spam and junk intermittently.


We will no longer be selling uniforms on site as of Friday 22nd July (apart from ties from reception in an emergency). All items of compulsory uniform will need to be purchased from School Uniform Direct, please see the school website, under the Parent tab, for more details and price lists.


GCSE Results Day and Sixth Form Enrollment is on Thursday 25th August 2022, we will be here from 9am. A Level Results Day is Thursday 18th August, again from 9am.


Please also make sure that you have read the Safeguarding email that Mr Cox sent home earlier, there is a lot of useful information about how to support the students over the break, with lots of invaluable links and suggestions that many of you will find helpful.


So much has happened this year that the summer holiday is a much needed chance for staff to rest and reflect and for students to relax. Looking ahead, we see much to be excited about. We greet new students and new staff in September and although we say goodbye to some, we know change brings new, positive opportunities. A special mention must go to Sally Parsons, who is retiring after an amazing 38 years service at The Norwood School - a wonderful achievement, for which we are incredibly grateful - well done Sally!

We want to celebrate our successes and encourage others to see the true talent Norwood has within its walls. We are lucky to be a place full of vibrancy, diversity and creativity. A Norwood year is always a busy one and we look forward to more next year.


In the meantime we wish you and your family a happy and safe summer break.  


Kindest regards,


Mr Cole and Ms Clemenger 

Co Head Teachers