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The Norwood School

Yr 7 Spooky Gothic Trip!

Exploring Gothic Literature

What better way that to develop your appreciation of Gothic Literature than to actually write in a Graveyard?!

Year 7 walked to Norwood Cemetry one frosty, eerie afternoon this week to soak up the atmosphere that inspired their own gothic style creative writing. Sat or  stood amongst the gravestones and shadowy memorials, the children really got to grips with the sounds, shapes, imagery and light and really enjoyed the opportunity to write in situation! They were fascinated by the concept of going back in time, reading all the dates on headstones and found it a perfect way to really reflect on the gothic texts that they are learning in class.

Here is just one of the beautiful responses that many of the children had.


BY Mia Tomlins Yr 7

West Norwood cemetery 1/11/16

The chilly wind sliced at my neck like death’s scythe. Trees cried tears of leaves over the gravestones. Family graves stood; large and sad chambers full of love but something foreboding lingered around the tombs. A tremor of fear coursed through my body chased by adrenaline. As we walked the paths there was something sinister about the overhanging trees and blank expressionless angels. Something cold touched my foot I looked down and nothing was there. My head turned slightly and I saw a gap underneath a tomb; my heart raced. Impulsively, I jumped back. A scream left my lips. I tripped and almost fell onto a headstone. There was something that made me squirm inside landing on the final resting place of a man. A tiny path led us to battered unseen graves there were no flowers dead or alive. Something about this sad unforgotten resting place told me that this might be my final resting place…