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The Norwood School

Phenomenal Basketball Programme

Sport has the power to turn around young lives!

Matthew Syed wrote an insightful article in the Times this week - mentioning The Norwood School by name - and talking about the effect that sport can have on the lives of young people  - in the face of all kinds of adversities. Hot on the heels of the article came the great news of the Year 7 Girls Basketball team!

Year 7 Girls had their first Basketball fixture today at Norwood vs UCL Academy. 

Final score 25 - 7 to Norwood! Congratulations to the girls for joining the basketball team and doing so well at their first match. Well done to Jesamine Edwards, Mellina Medsebous, Angel Hayes, Jahnay Hamilton, Rebecca Ridgewell, Mariana Marques, Grace Mae Mucina, Lia Francis,  Jadyne James,  Rhianna Siviour, Kelsy Azzopardi and Joanna Ebanks.