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The Norwood School

16 - 19 Tuition Fund 2022- 2023

The NTP will be used  at Norwood School to help close the education gap which widened as a result of COVID-19. We know that disadvantaged and vulnerable pupils have faced more barriers during school disruptions including problems in accessing digital devices and difficulties
in studying autonomously at home.

Funding will be used to target students identified in need of additional support in the following areas.

  • Additional small group and one to one tutoring for Maths /English GCSE.
  • Academic Mentors will work alongside teachers to provide a range of interventions, focusing on small group and one-to-one sessions in the Sixth Form Study Zone. They will provide support tailored to our students specific needs, including subject-specific work,
    revision lessons and additional pastoral and study support, careers advice, further education and pathway guidance. 
  • We will access high-quality tutoring from an approved list of tutoring providers (Tuition Partners), to offer a range of support across the curriculum and provide targeted guidance for pupils in small group or one-to-one sessions.
  • We will develop and enhance our counselling/mental health services that will support student welfare and mental wellbeing.
  • Careers intervention will be planned and strategically support more vulnerable students to access higher education/ apprenticeship programmes.
  • Increase in investment for laptops/ICT to facilitate and improve provision for remote learning. 

All of these areas will require additional funding and will help close the education gap between disadvantaged and vulnerable pupils and their peers.

The pandemic has widened the gap for the more vulnerable across the school community.