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The Norwood School

Admissions Criteria, Oversubscription, Appeals, Banding etc

We are proud to offer bursaries to students who show a natural aptitude and passion for the Arts.

The criteria will be applied to children in each band, including the bursary band, in the order set out below:

Criteria and method for allocating places

Lambeth Council, as the admission authority for all Lambeth community schools, will comply, wherever possible, with parents/carer’s wishes where they have expressed a preference for a particular school. Nevertheless, if there are more applications than places available the published arrangements and criteria will be used to determine who can be offered. 

Children with a Statement of Special Educational Needs/Education Health Care Plan that name The Norwood School will, by law, be offered a place first. All applicants will be placed in one of seven bands - bursary, five ability bands and a band for those without a test score.

Ability banding

All children applying for admission to The Norwood School in Year 7 will be required to take 3 tests: a Verbal Reasoning test, a Numeracy test and a Non Verbal Reasoning test. The children who have taken the test will receive first priority and be considered for a place at The Norwood School before those who have not taken the test. In cases of continued oversubscription after the full allocation of places, a place will only become available to a child who has not taken the test once all other children remaining on the oversubscription waiting list for places (that have sat the test) have been offered a place.

Where the school is over-subscribed, the school’s admissions authority will use their admission criteria to determine the order (rank) in which applicants will be offered places.

Children who are eligible for a bursary place will have their names placed in the school’s bursary band. All applicants will be placed in one of seven bands - bursary, five ability bands and a band for those without a test score.

An admissions authority may require parents/carers to complete a Supplementary Information Form (SIF) requesting information which is not contained on the CAF, eg. Church attendance. This form is obtained from the school or and needs to be sent back to the school and not the borough by the schools deadline.

You can apply online by visiting:  and complete the Common Application Form.

For the full admissions criteria and policy please visit