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The Norwood School

Art, Design and Technology


The Visual Art Department want to nurture young people to be culturally aware, curious and opinionated about art and design. We want them to feel confident to use contemporary and historical art and design as a tool to explore and explain the world around them. We use the arts to celebrate and explore culture and  diversity and to challenge inequality. We want to  ignite students inner creativity, to become enthused and have a sense of pride and purpose about their work, to be able to make confident, imaginative and artistic connections. Our aim is to provide opportunities for young people to experience and enjoy art and design, and to instil a sense of aspiration and desire to work in the creative industries.

Big Ideas

  • To deliver a broad, engaging and exciting curriculum 
  • To embed the foundations of art and design
  • To recognise and celebrate individuality and creativity
  • To build cultural capital
  • To foster an interdisciplinary approach in both staff and pupils
  • To ensure students have the technical repertoire to confidently solve creative problems 
  • To deliver ever evolving provision

Key Principles

  • Visual Literacy
  • Cultural Awareness
  • Technical Skill
  • Independence
  • Collaboration
  • Experimentation
  • Questioning and Curiosity
  • Reflection
  • Passion and Commitment