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The Norwood School

Thursday 2nd Strike Day Resources and instructions

Year 9: Remote Learning instructions for Wednesday 1st February


Dear Parents and Students in Year 9,


Due to the strike action that is planned for Wednesday, 1st February, most students will be studying at home.


Please read the guidance below for work to be completed remotely:


All downloads, instructions and resources can be found here on the Pathways Section of the website.


Students - We are a couple of weeks into our Pathways Programme and Wednesday 1st is an excellent opportunity for you to do some really in depth research into possible choices and career pathways that you might want to follow over the course of the next two years and into the Sixth Form and beyond. We are going to be making the most of your UNifrog Account. I have kept the teacher notes at the bottom of each slide to help guide you. Sometimes they will explain the kind of activities and discussions your teachers would have initiated if we had been together in class. 

Powerpoints will be popped on the website under pathways. Here. 


Kind regards.


Ms Nicholas

Senior Deputy Head Teacher 


Before you start

At the beginning of term we showed you all how to set up and access your Unifrog account.

If you need a reminder about how to set it up - follow these instructions.

Unifrog Set Up


Session 1

Recording Activities

By the end of the lesson, students should be able to:

1.Identify activities that they do.

2.Compare different ways of writing about activities

3.Summarise an activity effectively.


•Students discuss what activities are and why they’re essential.

•Students review examples of how to write about activities and decide which is the best.

•Students create a mind map of their activities.

•Students choose an activity and write about it using the Unifrog Activities tool.


Session 2

Personality Quiz

By the end of the session, students will be able to:

1.Understand more about their personalities.

2.Explore the careers commonly associated with their closest personality types.


•Students take the Personality profile quiz.

•They use their results to find careers that suit their personality types.

•Students discuss how well they think their quiz results and career recommendations suit them.


Session 3

Identifying interests Linking interests to Careers

By the end of the lesson, students should be able to:

1.Identify their interests.

2.Understand how to search the Careers library for careers related to their interests.


•Students will consider their dream jobs.

•Students will draw a mind map and identify their interests.

•Students will use the Careers library to search for careers relating to their interests.

•Students will role-play career advisors and develop ideas, for example, student profiles. 


At the end of this session you will have at least one career favorited in the Careers library related to their interests.


Session 4

Careers Library

Treasure Hunt #1

By the end of the lesson, students should be able to:

1.Define what a ‘career’ is.

2.Navigate the Careers library confidently to explore the variety of different careers there.


•Students will consider the definition of a career and the things that are important when choosing a career.

•They will complete a treasure hunt on the Unifrog Careers library.

•Ahead of setting homework, students will be reminded of the link between career paths and competencies, the STAR method, and recording competencies in the Unifrog Competencies tool.


Session 5

What’s your dream job?

1.Understand the factors that influence deciding on a 'dream job.'

2.Illustrate what their dream job might look like in the future.

3.Compare the labour market information for different careers.


•Students consider the factors that people consider when thinking about a dream job

•Students complete a mini Careers library treasure hunt

•Students create a job advert for their dream job!

•Students find careers in the Careers library and note the skills, qualifications and salary expectations. 


Session 6

What Does Success Mean For You?

By the end of the lesson, students should be able to:

1.Define what success means to them.

2.Identify what motivates them.

3.Explore career areas that match their motivators and definitions of success.


•Students discuss what makes them successful.

•Students complete an auction of success.

•Students reflect on what motivates them and use the Careers library to search for careers.


Any spare time you have on the day, take a good look through the Pathways Booklet, it will explain all the subjects that you are able to study at GCSE and you will find out about those subjects that you can choose to continue and those that you might consider dropping next year.


If you look at the Useful links for Parents too, there are lots of really great activities, fun quizzes, short films etc to watch and inspire you about your exciting futures,


Make the most of the time you have on Wednesday, it is never too early to start planning for your futures,


Kind regards,


Ms Nicholas

Senior Deputy Head Teacher