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The Norwood School

Year 10 and 11

Key Stage 4 students (years 10 and 11) are expected to spend at least 60 minutes per week per foundation subject, or 90 minutes per core subject on independent study. Students need to cope with higher demands on their time and commit larger quantities of academic material to their long-term memory in order to achieve well at GCSE and Independent Learning is absolutely key to this end.

We will also work with parents to ensure that:

  • Students are given clear guidance on how to effectively manage their time.
  • Students complete an exam preparation and revision timetable and stick to it.
  • An overview is maintained of where students are falling behind;
  • Students’ well-being is monitored in terms of stress, anxiety and worries associated with the build up to exams.
  • Parents know how to support their child in the lead up to exams;
  • Students and parents are aware of what it means to be ‘exam ready’ (see ‘Exam Ready’ guidance booklet below ).