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The Norwood School

Year 8 Topics

Term 1

Social Media H20, R35 (safety) R36 (clear boundaries), R37, R38 (pressure to share images/law)
Digital Footprint/Law
Body Image H18, H19
Mental Wellbeing H5, H20
Eating Disorders H6
Self Harm H6
R23 Sexual portrayal in media
County Lines/Grooming (St Giles Assembly)
Offensive Weapons and Gangs R33, R34, Personal Safety
Personal Safety
County Lines - Drugs H26


Term 2

Healthy Relationships R4, R6
Media portrayal of Relationships R7, R8 (types of relationships - family, intimate etc...), R9, R10 (marriage)
Addiction - Gambling, Managing Finances L18. L19. L20
Roles of parents, carers R11
Self Esteem H4
Breakdown of relationships R12 - women's refuges, First Give, Tender organisation, Domestic violence
Careers L9, L10, L12, L13
Changing bodies
Manage growth, change, reproduction etc. H7)
Personal Hygiene H9
FGM (outside speaker?) Afruca?
Sexual Relationships R5, R13, R14, R15, R16, R17 (consent), R18
Contraception R21, R22, H11
Loss, bereavement (Cancer) Prevention
Immunisation H10
Drugs and Alcohol - H24, H25? H27, H28, H29? H30, H31 R31, R32


Term 3

Diversity and identity
Race. culture. disability, bigotry
Gender, Identity, Homophobia
Sexual orientation
R24, R25
Acceptance R26, Language and behaviours R27
SImilarities L3, challenging stereotypes L4


R = Relationships
H = Health
L = Living in the wider world