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Enterprise Adviser Network

We are delighted to introduce you to our Enterprise Adviser and Natasha Preville.

Natasha Preville( below) has over 20 years cross-sector experience, with more than a decade in senior management within the screen industries (TV and Film); having worked on numerous award-winning campaigns for the BBC and Red Bee Media. 

Natasha is a mentor and has a passion for eradicating barriers to entry for storytellers and young audiences interested in the Creative Arts and Digital industries. Natasha was a Panel Expert for Gen Z Engagement at Google FilmFest 2019: She is part of the TIME’S UP UK movement, working across all sectors to amplify the need for greater diversity representation in front of and behind the camera.  

During her career, Natasha has always strongly believed that education, sport and culture play an important role in transforming lives. To this end, Natasha recently founded a Consultancy, dedicated to increasing the experience, visibility and career pathways for young people to thrive within the Culture, Media and Sports industries.  

As one of your Enterprise Advisors at The Norwood School, Natasha looks forward to meeting you all and working with you to realise your best potential and have a sound understanding of the 'world of work', be it employment and/or enterprise.

Unusual Fact: Tim Peake called Natasha from Space on his 2016 Principia Mission...

About The Enterprise Adviser Network

The National Network

The Enterprise Adviser Network was established as the flagship programme of the Careers & Enterprise Company. The Enterprise Adviser Network is currently made up of approximately a third of secondary schools in England. There are over 1700 Enterprise Advisers and 100 Enterprise Coordinators. Across England, over 70% of the Enterprise Advisers are Director or Senior Manager level within their organisations and 40% are from small and medium enterprises. Through the Enterprise Adviser Network, we are joining not only a local but a national network of schools looking to strengthen our current careers and business engagement provision and support young people to be more informed about, and prepared for, the world of work.

The London Network

In London the programme has developed a Network of over 150 Enterprise Advisers (Professional volunteers). The current Enterprise Adviser cohort consists of representatives from over 140 organisations. These range from Directors of small and medium enterprises and consultants within professional services, to senior HR professionals from a broad range of backgrounds and sectors. This academic year an additional 100 Enterprise Advisers and 60 schools will join the London Network. National Enterprise Adviser recruitment is supported by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD). The CIPD is supporting the London Enterprise Adviser Network to identify and recruit senior professionals from Human Resources (HR), Early Talent and Learning and Development backgrounds. This complements Team London’s recruitment through existing volunteer and corporate networks, with Enterprise Advisers able to provide a professional insight into the current employment landscape within their sector. The London Enterprise Adviser Network is also focusing its recruitment around priority areas, such as small and medium enterprises, creative and technology sectors, to reflect London’s growth industries.