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Key Stage 3 Performing and Visual Arts Bursaries

The Norwood School are proud to offer bursaries to students who show a natural aptitude and passion for the Arts. Applicants are invited to attend a Performing Arts audition or a Visual Arts workshop, followed by a short formal interview.

Bursaries in the Visual and Performing Arts are offered for the duration of the period the student remains on the roll of the school until they leave at the end of the Upper Sixth, subject to continued satisfactory progress and ongoing commitment to the Performing and Visual Arts Faculties. 

The Arts Bursary students will take part in a programme of exciting enrichment throughout their time at the Norwood School according to their specialism. This will include:

Subsidised one to one and /or group instrumental or singing lessons. Subject specific specialised tuition in Art, Dance and Drama. A guaranteed place in The School Band/Ensembles/Orchestras whichever is most appropriate.

Children who are eligible for a bursary place will have their names placed in the school’s bursary band. All applicants will be placed in one of seven bands - bursary, five ability bands and a band for those without a test score. 

Regular trips and visits to the theatre, museums and galleries. The use of specialised equipment and materials including state of the art music production technology, recording studios, theatre and design studios. Opportunities to take part in Summer, Saturday Schools and Master Classes for example: at The Dulwich Picture Gallery, LAMDA, London Drama Festival and University of the Arts London -Camberwell Art College. Frequent opportunities to perform and exhibit in the wider public arena, both locally and nationally. 

A Gifted and Talented early entry programme, starting some Visual and Performing Arts GCSE’s in Yr 9. The opportunity to take multiple Arts Subjects at GCSE Level. A bespoke ‘Journey to Number 9’ programme with mentors who will guide them through GCSE Courses, A Levels and beyond to University and College. Subject specific careers guidance and advice.

An outstanding range of Sixth Form opportunities in the arts including residentials and links to the Creative Industries and work experience programmes.

Bursaries will be awarded to those students who demonstrate the greatest potential, commitment and creative flair.

All parents/ guardians/ carers are asked to indicate, at the earliest opportunity, whether or not they are interested in their child being considered for a bursary place by completing the correct information on the Supplementary Information Form.

Performing Arts:

Prospective students will be invited to perform a short audition piece of their choice in Dance, Music or Acting. Please make sure that you have specified your preferred discipline prior to the interview and that you have clearly indicated the need for any additional accompaniment, should you need it.

Visual Arts:

Prospective students are invited to bring a small portfolio of work with them and will be invited to take part in a short practical workshop which will give them the opportunity to demonstrate their artistic abilities.

For the full admissions criteria and policy please visit 

Music Lessons at Norwood

Instrumental lessons are available at Norwood in addition to all the free clubs and ensembles that we run in the department. These lessons take place during the school day - students are required to leave their curriculum lessons to attend them - they operate on a carousel basis so students do not miss the same lesson multiple weeks in a row. Please be aware that all students wanting to receive instrumental lessons will be required to pay for lessons in advance at the beginning of each term. This includes Bursary Students and students in Y10 and Y11. Payment will be required termly in advance via ParentPay. 

The Music Dept will email a link to a google form at the start of the academic year so that you can confirm that you are interested in your child receiving lessons this year. We have made lessons available at 3 different price points to ensure that as many students as possible can access lessons.

Approximate Lesson Prices - subject to change

Solo Lesson 

£15 per 25 minute lesson for one to one sessions - Available for all instruments except Steel Pans (10 lessons a term = £150)

Paired Lesson (With one other student)

£10 per 25 minute lesson - Available for Vocals, Guitars, Drums, Beginner Violin (10 lessons a term = £100)

Group Lesson (for Steel Pans and Guitar only)

£5 per 25 minute group lesson (10 lessons a term = £50)

Students receiving Free School Meals will not need to pay for solo or paired lessons.

If students do not attend or forget their lessons, or are absent from school, fees will not be refundable. 

Instrumental hire

If students wish to hire an instrument from the school it will be billed at  £30 a year / £10 a term to cover instrumental costs of replacement strings/ reeds/ repair.