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Name of subject: Physics

Examination board: OCR Specification A

Qualification – A-Level

Entry requirements: 7 grade in GCSE Physics and Mathematics; or 7:7 in Double Science and a 6 in Mathematics.

Description of the course (Overview):

This course should appeal to all students who have an interest in life in the 21st century. Subjects which combine well with Physics at A-Level are Design and Technology, Maths, Chemistry, Biology, Information and Communication Technology and Computing. Physics is also a useful choice for students specialising in Music, Media Studies and Economics and Business.

In order to study this course, you will need to take either Physics as a separate Science or as part of a Double Award at GCSE. It is also essential to have a good grade in GCSE Mathematics.

This course will introduce you to all the main themes in Physics and is a good foundation for most careers and college or university courses. You will be given the opportunity to develop and consolidate your practical, logical, critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Areas of study will include Mechanics and motion; Electricity; Waves; Quantum Physics; Thermal Physics; Astrophysics; Nuclear Physics and Medical Physics.

Throughout the course, you will be expected to complete homework assignments which are designed to assist your learning. This will involve research and background reading. The course covers all the key skills required by a student, namely communication, numeracy, ICT, working with others, improving your own learning and problem-solving.

Careers – progression. Where does this programme of study lead, e.g. examples of the types of careers that students can progress into?

In the technological world in which we live, knowledge of physics is essential, no matter what career you follow. Physics is needed for all branches of engineering: civil, mechanical, automotive and aeronautical. It is also widely accepted as a useful qualification in the world of science and technology, business, banking and accountancy, as well as for work in the media.

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