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Summer Transition Work for Sept 2024 Admissions

Welcome to our Year 11 into Year 12 Transition Resources

On the left hand side are a range of resources for you to use as you prepare to join us in September.

The Sixth Form handbook outlines the ethos, values and expectations of students in Year 12 & 13, currently this is being edited, it will be published soon.

Curiosity Sheets - These are creative and thought-provoking ideas of how you can widen your knowledge and understanding of a subject beyond the curriculum. Dive in and find out more.

Norwood Gateway resources  - These are bespoke resources that help students to prepare for the transition to A-Level/Btec & RSL subjects. They have a range of material to challenge you at home. You will be expected to have covered content in these packs. More details will follow about subject expectations by the end of the summer term.

BeReady Resources - This is an online careers network which will allow students to explore a huge variety of career information, links to employers and practical guides and modules for students to complete at home - New to Sept 2020 (delayed launch due to Covid 19). 

VESPA Home Learning booklet -  VESPA stands for Vision, Effort, Systems, Practice and Attitude. These core principles help to develop successful students in Year 12 & 13 and underpin our pastoral and academic support. This booklet introduces you to some excellent practical devices/tasks that have helped thousands of students to manage their time and develop independent learning skills. Invaluable help for Key Stage 5 and beyond. Have a go at using some, they really help.