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The Norwood School

Teachers of Year 6 

May 2017

For the attention of Year 6 Teachers/or Co-ordinators

Dear Colleague

According to our information from Lambeth Admissions, we are looking forward to expecting children from your school to join our Year 7 in September 2017.

As part of our transition programme, we like to gather as much information on each child as we can before they arrive. We would be grateful if you would complete an online questionnaire for each child. Please follow this link and use the unique pin number that we have assigned to each child.

If we have more than five students coming from your school to join us then we would like to make an appointment for one of our senior team or pastoral leaders to come in to speak to the teachers or coordinator in person. If this is the case please can you make direct contact with our reception so that we can liaise to find a convenient time to meet.

We would be grateful if you could complete the online questionnaire at your earliest convenience – by 15th June at the latest please (or prior to our meeting if we have arranged to have one with you).

Thank you for your support, we look forward to meeting your students very soon,

Yours sincerely,


Ms J Nicholas

Deputy Headteacher






Please use the link below and the individual student PIN ID number to complete the induction questionnaire.