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The Norwood School

About our Governors

Our Governors

The Governors at The Norwood School are parents, staff and members of the local community who have been elected or appointed onto the governing body to lead the school at a strategic level. The role is voluntary.

We are responsible for setting the vision and strategic direction within which the school operates, develops and continues to improve. Working closely with the Senior Leadership Team we provide challenge and support; identifying priorities, monitoring and evaluating outcomes, and making decisions around the school budget to ensure value for money is achieved.

We are from a wide variety of backgrounds which include local government, education, higher education, business and law. You can view the profiles of our governors here.

We hope that our governors serve a term of 4 years. We are always keen to hear from individuals who are keen to join our governing body and have the skill set which will match the needs of the school. We are currently looking to recruit governors who have a background and experience in the creative and performing arts, finance, higher or primary education, the local community or prior experience as a governor. If you are interested in learning more, please contact our Chair of Governors, Russell Hunter, via the School Business Manager: Bernie Davis (

Our Roles and Responsibilities

These are set by the Government and are the same for all maintained schools.

As a Governing Body we have three core functions:

  1. Ensure clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction;

  2. Hold the headteacher to account for the performance of the school, students and staff; and

  3. Oversee the financial performance of the school and make sure its budget is well spent.

The Norwood School’s Values and Vision

Governors agree the Norwood School’s Values and Vision and set the strategic direction of the school for the next three to five years. In consultation with other stakeholders, we develop a school vision which describes how Norwood School will look in the future. As governors, we help to ensure that this vision becomes a reality.

In developing our vision, we take into account the current context, and identify a strategic direction that is both ambitious and achievable. Our clear strategy with its overall aims and priorities directs our decision-making over this period. Our strategic objectives for 2021 - 22 fall into 4 categories: Achievement, Quality, Capacity and Creativity. See Norwood School Strategic Plan.

How Governors Support the School

Our full governing body meets four times per year to carry out our duties and discuss progress with the headteacher and other senior leaders.

We also have two governors’ sub-committees:

  • The Achievement Committee, which monitors Teaching and Learning, Achievement, Student Progress and Wellbeing

  • The Resources Committee, which monitors the school’s financial position, the budget and staffing.

In addition, all governors have link governor roles which means that they focus on certain priorities and oversee the work of one or more Heads of Faculty or Year groups. Governors also participate in short term or working task groups alongside staff and other stakeholders to initiate key developments in response to identified needs or actions.

Governors support the school in a variety of ways which include acting as members of panels for staff recruitment, pay decisions and other human resources issues and parents and pupils with regard to exclusions, complaints and appeals. We also visit the school regularly to undertake learning walks, meet staff, students and parents and attend a wide variety of performances and exhibitions that The Norwood School produces.

To find out more

If you are interested in learning more about the work of the governing body at Norwood School, please contact our Chair of Governors, Russell Hunter, via the School Business Manager: Bernie Davis (