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The Norwood School

Black History Month

Throughout October, Norwood staff have been collaborating with staff across other Lambeth Schools to celebrate local, significant, people of colour. 

'The idea of having a BHM or a project which focuses on Black British Heroes is fantastic. I also love the idea of schools working together to develop this project,' said Ms Douglas

 Ms Feilden added, 'Many teachers I have spoken with here are opposed to the idea of just one month which focuses on Black History and we are trying to incorporate diversity into monthly and regular pastoral discussions, therefore moving away from the idea of a Black History Month. However I would really like Norwood to be involved with any project which supports diversity in our local community'. 

Norwood staff took responsibility for creating presentations on Darcus Howe, George Arthur Roberts, Olive Morris, Naomi Campbell and Michael Fuller, which have been shared across the borough.

Thank you to all the staff who have been involved and have helped raise the profile of some really interesting local people.

One of the presentations has been about Olive Morris, the Brixton activist. Interestingly our Sixth Form collaborated with local artists Linett Kamala earlier this year on a Graphics project inspired by Olive Morris, the outcomes were exhibited in Lambeth Town Hall.  The students used her commitment to fighting racism , social injustice and inequality to inspire their artistic responses.