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The Norwood School

Current Action and Events

Following our recent whole school Eco Week we are keen to continue to raise the profile of Climate Crisis across the school. ( please see doc attached below to view activites for Eco Week).

We are no longer selling any water or soft drinks in plastic bottles.

We are encouraging students and staff to use refillable drinks bottles and cups.

We are introducing Meat Free Mondays from September 2019.

We are phasing out all plastic cutlery, polystyrene plates and food containers.

We are working with Repower London to install solar panels over the summer break with Lambeth Community Solar.

We will be encouraging a more eco friendly approach to waste and sustainability across the school, working with the premises team, students, the kitchens and staff.

Mia and Rosalea, Yr10 activists from the Students 4 Sustainable Futures group will be speaking at this event in Herne Hill in February - go along to support them and listen to what they and lots of interesting speakers have to say!

Maya wearing one of the jackets made by students during Eco Week out of plastic waste.