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The Norwood School




Norwood School is proud to be part of ELEVATE.

ELEVATE's mission is to support diverse talent and make sure that Lambeth's leading creative and digital industries are a place where everyone has the opportunity to thrive.

Projects are now underway.

Lambeth Front Line placements are active at six venues across the borough: Streatham Space Project, Omnibus Clapham, Garden Museum Vauxhall, Morley College Gallery, Southbank Centre and The Old Vic.

ERIC Fest took over POP Brixton, 6 July, welcoming 500 young people to meet employers, engage in debates, workshops and enjoy entertainment in the POP Box. A big thank you to all collaborators.



Inside Out takes place at the Lambeth Country Show 20-21 July.

Meet the makers, performers and game-changers and find out who is owning the narrative around young people in London. A weekend of events devised by a group of young people, supported by Livity’s creative network – prepare to be mind blown.

Evaluation is now underway.

London South Bank University has begun to interview and engage with participants and project partners to assess ELEVATE's impact, to challenge and ensure learning along the way.