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The Norwood School

Friends of Norwood School PTA

Welcome to 'Friends of The Norwood School', our PTA.

Our main aims are to get to meet and know our parent community, raise funds to support the school and charities and to have fun! Please let us know if you would like to get involved!

Subject – Friends of the Norwood School – Parent Newsletter


Dear Parents and Carers


We felt it was about time we gave you a bit of an update on the new ‘Friends of the Norwood School’ parent association. We had our first AGM before half term to review where we had got to in the previous 7 months, voted in the formalised positions and additional support roles and discussed what we wished to do in the next 12 months. It seems like a good time to update the wider school community now we are getting more organized as there is A LOT to do when setting up a PTA!  


Friends of the Norwood School started out as an idea less than 8 months ago. We are now incredibly proud to say we have many active parents in our PTA WhatsApp group, our year WhatsApp groups and facebook page. With the generosity and support of the Norwood School family, we have managed to raise £7769.20 to date with another £2000+ estimated to be added in June.


Our sole purpose and reason for existing is to support Norwood School’s inclusive educational principles where everyone can have a say, role and/or benefit from our fundraising activity. We actively welcome and appreciate all support from parents, carers and school colleagues – please do get in touch if you would like to know more, have a suggestion or want to get involved. Special thank you’s to everyone who has supported us so far, in particular Deputy Head, Jessie Nicholas.


Here are your FOTNS Team for March 2022 - March 2023

Formal Roles

Ailsa Wakley – Chairperson

Jayne Lee – Secretary

Lana Kapelas – Treasurer


Additional Support Roles

Meet the Parents evenings – Ianthe Smith and Johanna Horn

Managing the FOTNS page on the school website – Jayne Lee/Ailsa Wakley

Second Hand Uniform Sales – Jo Wood and Jane Hillyard

Event Bar team management – Lorien Mowat

Edible garden liaison and sustainability – Henrietta Roeder

Estate Agent Boards – Ailsa Wakley

WhatsApp Groups/Year Reps and WhatsApp Administrators – please join the WhatsApp groups for the year your child in below:


Achievements so far:

  • Helped the school to raise over £700 for MacMillan Cancer Coffee morning


  • Staged a comedy night, with massive thanks to Kerry Godliman, that brightened up January and raised a huge amount of money! This will become an annual event.


  • Set up Douglas & Gordon as a key sponsor providing 3 estate agent board runs per year with an approximate ongoing annual income of £6000+. They pay us £20 for every house that keeps a board outside for a month, so it is easy money for us! If you’d like to have one please email us at


  • Set up so that donations can be made by them at no cost to you on any online shopping you do from ordering a takeaway, to booking travel, your food shop and so on. If you haven’t already signed up please do - we have already raised £244 through this in just a few months! Grandparents and friends of the family can also sign up as well.


  • Held several ‘Meet the Parents’ events in local pubs and aim to have two per term so we can all get to know each other. We are in the process of sorting a date/venue for after the summer half term.


  • Have set up a FOTNS Facebook page), page on the school website – we are in the process of updating this and parents WhatsApp groups for years 7-11 (proving invaluable so far!) to bring everyone together. We even have a WhatsApp group for new parents joining the school in September 2022 so they can start to get their children together and make friends before they start.


  • Will be setting up as a charity as have already exceeded the fundraising threshold. This means we will be able to pitch for grants, reclaim tax and claim gift aid.


First Projects

We have a list of items that the school have provided that could support learning in various departments but felt we would like to honour our first year with a big splash project to kick us off! In discussion with Ms Nicholas, this developed into the idea of providing additional seating and, if possible, shade/weather cover to the area outside the cafeteria to enable more outdoor eating, socialising at breaktimes and outdoor learning space. The FOTNS team have voted in favour of delivering this and we are currently looking to action it with the school. This will be a fantastic new addition to the school environment and should last for many years, benefitting the whole school. Despite the larger expenditure on these items, we will still have funds to support elsewhere in the school and will be looking at that in more detail this term.


Joining In

Of course, whilst it always helps, it is not always money that is needed. Sometimes it might be donating old, but still good condition, school uniform or sports kits for second hand uniform sales. We are planning a second-hand uniform tabletop sale for June 6th and 7th in the school when the new Year 7 parents will be joining us. Keep an eye out for further details on that re donating or purchasing and if you can help let us know!


It might be that you have a pasta maker gathering dust at the back of your cupboard that could be used by the food tech dept, or garden tools or plant seedlings that can be used by the new edible garden being planned and built at the school.


Your skills as a DIYer/builder/carpenter might be useful on a community day to build raised bed planters for the garden – or to assemble the FOTNS shed when we get it! Sometimes it might be an extra pair of hands to run a bar or tidy up at one of the amazing school theatre events or bake a cake for a cake stall to raise a few extra pounds. You can also just turn up and say hi to support us!


We have lots of ideas for things we could be doing to raise money at the school or for school events, we just need help to make them happen. If you would like to get involved with any of the above, then please email us at


We look forward to raising lots of money to benefit the school and to meeting more of you over the coming year!


Friends of the Norwood School

Ailsa Wakley

Friends of The Norwood School



How to contact the Friends of the Norwood School: 


We have set up a private facebook group for parents/carers at the school which you can join here: We will use this to highlight events, where you can help out, what you can bring along and so on. 

Friends of the Norwood School - Whatsapp

If you would like to be on the Whatsapp group, please email us with your mobile number.

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Please email us on if you would like to find out more about the Friends of Norwood.