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Geography provides students with the curiosity and fascination to study the world and people around them both in a theoretical and real world context. By teaching students about the world and its processes, we inspire empathetic, knowledgeable world citizens who can provide proper stewardship for the natural environment for future generations. Geography is able to provide context for other subjects, looking at societies and cultures and the reasons for some of the largest global shifts in recent years. It provides a natural space for students to discover more about themselves and their cultural backgrounds.


The goal of Geography is to develop a deep contextual knowledge of important locations around the world from the view of both human and physical geography. Alongside this, an understanding of key natural processes are vital so that students are able to understand why events occur and how humans are able to respond to them. In an ever-changing world, Geography aims to provide students the skills from which they are able to create a better world.


  • Interrelationships

  • Sustainability

  • Development

  • Knowing my local area

  • Physical Processes

  • Globalisation


GCSE and A-Level: Edexcel

Independent Learning Resources