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The Norwood School


The Oracy Curriculum

As part of the Norwood School’s Performing Arts specialism, all students in Year 7 receive one Oracy lesson per week. The purpose of this is to:

  • Develop communication skills

  • Increase confidence

  • Promote positive interaction 

  • Learn about local, national and worldwide issues

  • Support students to shape ideas and form opinions

  • Foster empathy, sensitivity and maturity


Independent Learning Project 1: Ignite

We hit the ground running. From September Year 7 students will begin to write, develop and learn a short speech - as part of a project called Ignite. 


They will then perform this speech in January 2020, to their peers. The speech can be about a subject matter of their choice, but should reflect their interests, passions and/or personality in some way. The speech needs to last between 2 and 3 minutes. Selected students will then be invited to present their speeches in front of a bigger, public audience made up of family, friends, staff and school governors.


In order to develop these speeches, students will be required to complete some tasks at home. This will form their first Independent Learning Project of their time at Norwood. The below table outlines deadline dates (there may be slight alterations depending on individual class teachers but students will be informed of these).



Date set (w/c)

Completion Deadline (w/c)

Task 1: Complete the Structure Planning Sheet

14th October

28th October

Task 2: Write first draft of speech

11th November

25th November

Task 3: Redraft speech

9th December

16th December

Task 4: Learn speech off-by-heart

16th December

6th January


Parents/carers can support students by reading, listening to and watching rehearsals of the speeches.