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The Norwood School

Independent Study and Homework

In this section, you will find key information regarding how you can support your child in their learning outside of school. Please take the time to read the information in the following sections.

Having the ability to learn outside of the classroom and independently of the teacher provides students with the key life skills of independence, responsibility, reliability and resilience. It also helps young people to develop an active curiosity about the world around them and become life-long learners.

The Independent Learning programme that your child will participate in will depend upon what their current academic stage. Please click on the tabs to the left to view the Independent Learning programme for your child.

At the Norwood School, the term Independent Learning refers to homework, longer-term projects, revision and reading or researching for pleasure. We consider it the joint responsibility of our teachers and parents to maximise our students’ ability to participate in all of these key elements of learning.