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The Norwood School

Knowledge Organisers and ILBs

Please explore this section for Independent Learning Booklets and Knowledge Organisers by year group.

Independent Learning Booklets (ILBs): Years 7 and 8:

The ILBs provide a clear structure for students in Years 7 and 8 for independent study. They should include (for each subject):

  • Key content for the course, arranged into units, modules or learning cycles;
  • Clear guidance on how to memorise, revise and practice effectively;
  • Links to online resources with relevant passwords/ instructions (Educake, Linguascope, Hegarty).
  • Practice exercises/ tasks/ questions with answers/ models at the back so students can self-correct;
  • Personalised Learning Checklists (PLCs) that allow students to identify where knowledge is, sand where it is not yet, secure.

Students in Years 7 and 8 are expected to spend 30 minutes per subject per week using the ILBs.

The ILB will be one single booklet for all subjects for students to take home and bring to every lesson.


Knowledge Organisers (Year 9 and above)…

  • capture the key information (e.g. date lines, quotes, terminology) for a topic;
  • will usually fit on a side of A4
  • present the minimum information that needs to be known, rehearsed and stored for a topic;
  • are be given to students at the START of a topic.