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The Norwood School



To equip students with the necessary communication skills in order for them to access an innovative, interactive and engaging Norwood School curriculum. To be able to listen respectfully and actively to others, compromise, negotiate and share their own ideas and opinions in a safe and supportive environment. To prepare them for the wider world through exploration of current issues and ready them for the next stages of their lives beyond Norwood, where being able to communicate effectively will be essential for them.


Big Ideas

  • Voice
  • Forming opinions
  • Discussion
  • Presentation/performance
  • Critiquing
  • Context/the bigger picture

Key Principles

  • To foster a safe and inclusive environment where students feel able to take creative risks in front of their peers and push boundaries
  • To recognise and promote the importance of Oracy and Communication in education and the wider world
  • To provide students with the knowledge of current local, national and worldwide issues and encourage them to have thought-provoking opinions
  • To liberate students with plentiful opportunities to express themselves
  • To fully prepare students for their exciting Norwood journey, where they will be regularly challenged to form opinions, express themselves and routinely present in front of others