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The Norwood School

Repower London

Norwood School is cutting it’s carbon footprint by installing solar panels as part of Lambeth Community Solar.

Lambeth Community Solar's first project is to install 145kW of solar panels on the Elmgreen and the Norwood school. The £137,000 needed to purchase and install the panels will be raised via a community share offer. The electricity generated by the solar panels will be sold at a discounted rate to the schools, who will be saving £27,000 on their energy bills over the project's lifetime! The profits from the sale of electricity will be used to pay back the investors with a 3% average annual return on investment and created a Community Fund of £33,000 to be spent on benefiting the schools and the surrounding community. Finally, the project will save 31 tonnes of Co2 per year over its lifetime.

 If you want to make a difference in the fight against climate change, support your local school and make money from the sun, pledge to invest in Lambeth Community Solar now here:

The share offer will open on 18 September and close on 22 November 2019

Lambeth Community Solar is being developed by Repowering London, a social enterprise specialising in co-creating community-owned renewable energy systems with local people, businesses and authorities. Repowering’s mission is to create resilient, empowered communities across London with greater control and ownership of their energy generation and usage.


Link to Repower London website