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The Norwood School

Sixth Form Remote Learning Protocols

Remote Virtual Learning Protocols for Sixth Form Updated October 2020

Guidance for Staff Use of Virtual teaching resources (Google Meet)

Staff/students MUST share the following expectations:

a) Audio and visual to be used - primary use is presentation mode + chat options for Q & A

b) If only 1 student is online with a member of staff - the lesson cannot continue

c) Students must not comment on other students' comments - they are only able to ask questions directly to the host

d) Parents are encouraged to monitor the content of online lessons and their children's participation wherever possible Professional behaviour will be expected - inappropriate student behaviour will lead to disconnection of the student from their online lesson followed by a report for poor conduct on Behaviour Watch with further sanctions. Please note the following safety precautions.

● Only the host can share their screen - this feature means that none of the other participants in the meetings can share their screens and so are unable to broadcast anything but their own video stream There are other safety features to put into place to ensure that the Google Meet sessions we run are as safe and as appropriate learning environments as possible

These include:

● Private chat between participants is disabled

● Camera do not have to be used, if the subject requires the need to view students/teachers this is done with all students permission

● All students are required to mute themselves at the start of a planned learning session

● Any safeguarding concerns must be reported to designated safeguarding leads - Child Protection.