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The Norwood School

Year 9

In Year 9, Independent Learning tasks will be set weekly on Google classrom and monitored by teachers and faculty leaders. Students are expected to spend 30-45 minutes weekly per subject, or bi-weekly for subjects taught less than 3 periods per week.

The approach to Independent Learning in Year 9

Year 9 marks a move away from termly projects and subject booklets, in favour of weekly tasks that are set and monitored closely by teachers. We have found that this approach is more beneficial in Year 9, as it provides them with a strong base from which to progress into Key Stage Four and GCSE study.


All tasks set to be completed outside of school are uploaded to Google Classroom and Show My Homework. We are currently phasing out Show My Homework in favour of Google Classroom so this is the primary platform to use.  Students have been invited to join their Google Classroom by each of their teachers and it has been explained how they can receive assignments and upload work. Please click here for a reminder on how to do this.

Parents can monitor their child’s tasks by being invited to join the Google Classroom by the class teacher. Here is a useful video that outlines Google Classroom for parents.


We also expect students in year 9 to continue to read for pleasure, and silent reading continues to take up a portion of form time. Please support us in encouraging your child to read and take an active interest in their choice of reading materials.

Students in Year 9 should be spending around 45 minutes to an hour per week on each subject outside of school. Here are some ways in which you can support your child with independent learning at home:

  • Discuss homework regularly with your child;

  • Provide encouragement and support for your child when they take responsibility for organising themselves and putting in effort;

  • Keep track of tasks set on Google Classroom and the other online resources used by different subjects (e.g. Seneca, Linguascope, Hegarty, Educake)  so you can support your child in organising their time;

  • Draw up a schedule with them to follow for independent learning (this will be an invaluable skill when they come to do their GCSEs);

  • Establish a suitable place for them to study;

  • If in doubt, ask! Contact the class teacher or Head of Faculty for advice.

Please be aware that, in the event of a school closure, remote learning will be a mixture of live teaching and remote learning via Google Classroom. It is therefore vital that you are able to navigate the platform as soon as possible.