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The Norwood School

Key Stage 4 Visual Arts Exhibition

Proud GCSE Graphics, Art, Photography and Textiles students showcase their work.

Mariam Khalil proudly explains her photography GCSE coursework and final exam piece to her mother, who joined many parents, governors and carers on Thursday at the Visual Arts Exhibition. Mariam is amongst the many Yr 11's who will be returning to our flourishing Sixth Form in September  - 'I am so excited - I am going to be joining the Greenhouse Basketball Academy next year, I would have liked to have carried on with Photography A Level actually, hopefully I can still join some of the gallery trips and meet the artists that come into school. We have already been to an Worcester University Open Day - who work in collaboration with Greenhouse Basketball - I expect that will be where I will go for my degree, I might end up doing Sports Science or Sports Coaching.'

The evening was a celebration of two years of hard work, there was an astounding array of talent. It was also delightful to see so many Yr 6 pupils who will be joining us in September join us throughout the evening - Ava Berry Jones (currently at Rockmount School) and Maya Szcelkun (currently at Beulah Junior School) have both been awarded Visual Arts Bursaries for next year.  'It is such a treat to see the exhibition to see what the children will be aspiring to.' their parents said.

'My favourite was the tiny shoes made out of plaster,' said Ava, ' I like the way that the paint is all gloopy and dribbly'.  

Well done everyone!