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The Norwood School

A letter from the Chair of Governors about academisation

I am writing to give the governors current position on the recent publicised government ambition for
all schools to become academies or have plans in place to become academies by 2020.

As a governing board, the most important thing over the next few years, is to continue to provide an
outstanding education for our students and to pursue the very distinctive ethos and values of Norwood
School which make us so popular with our parents and within our local community. We have a clear
vision and are committed to ensuring that our present and future students receive an education that is
personalised, challenging and creative.
Already since the publication of the Government’s White Paper with its forced academisation policy,
there has been a ‘U’ turn by the government which will no longer force all schools to become
academies but will instead propose an incremental change, lead entirely by local outcomes. Schools
like Norwood judged ‘good or outstanding’ by OFSTED will no longer be forced to become
academies. However, it is clear that as a Governing Board we will need to continually consider our
school status and develop our school links over the next few years in light of this.
It is important that we evaluate and review the range of options that are available to us and consult
with staff, students, parents and the local community as to the direction that serves the best interests of
the school and preserves our distinctive ethos and maintains our success.
It is imperative that Norwood School is in control of its own direction and is fully represented and
remains on the front foot, if and when changes come. In the meantime be assured that we will not be
distracted from ensuring the best education and outcomes for all of our students and high quality
teaching, care, guidance and support.
There will not be any ‘knee jerk’ or immediate change. As we review the school’s options we will
keep everyone informed of our progress, however, in the meantime we remain committed to our status
as local community, high achieving, inclusive, performing and visual arts specialist college.