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The Norwood School

Open Evening Feedback

Parents are delighted with the warm, professional welcome from Norwood Staff and pupils.

Thank you to all our visitors for joining us. 

It was a real pleasure to meet so many enthusiastic parents and children last night at Open Evening. we were delighted with the feedback - read some of it for yourself and visit us on October 3rd and 5th if you haven't already seen us on a normal working day.

 ‘Special thanks to Ester for her super friendly welcome and her excellent cup of tea’.

‘Thoroughly enjoyed the open evening everyone enthusiastic and welcoming as well as helpful’.

‘My son and I were very impressed with the reception we received from all the pupils and staff. I love the ethos of this school and will definitely be putting Norwood School as our first choice -  thank you’.

‘The staff and students were welcoming. It was nice to be able to talk to the Head and to be remembered on my second visit’.

‘I came with an open mind and was pleasantly surprised by the atmosphere, staff (very open and welcoming) and Arts Curriculum (very comprehensive) . My wife has a similar view from attending a working day – we will definitely consider this school. I was impressed overall. It is a clearly happy school with a settled team (important for me).’

‘My daughter has already done some workshops here as part of your Primary Outreach Programme. She has made up her mind from last year that this is the school for her. She is very artistic, but does lack confidence. I think she could do well here based on the information that I have read and heard – fingers crossed!’

‘Very impressed with Norwood School. My daughter really wants to come here. We have a couple more schools to see but like Norwood very much – thank you’.

‘You currently do a lot of work with her primary school Rockmount – and she has fallen in love with it. Her friend already comes here and loves it’.

‘Chatted to Mr O'Sullivan in languages – seemed a decent fella. Been here for 10 years and had good insights!’

‘Seemed fun and friendly but also a professional place’.

‘Miss Nicholas and Mr Snowden are wonderful at meeting and greeting parents’.

And last but by no means least….!

‘Head’s speech really excellent – frank, honest, and good values. Loved the bit on 10 years and accountability for her tenure. ‘Not an exam factory’ loved it! Been to lots of other top schools in the area but they seem factories and like a cult. Mrs Webster seemed real, human and genuine – with a real sparkle to her! We’re in!’