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The Norwood School

Norwood Sixth Form students continue to work with the Holocaust Educational Trust

Rosa Heaton and Ciara Moore were the latest year 12 students from The Norwood School to visit Auschwitz to participate on the Holocaust Educational Trust’s  annual trip to Poland.

They reflect on their journeys in this newspaper article and we will be  very pleased to welcome them into history lessons and assemblies so that they can share their experiences with our younger students. Such important lessons can be learnt from this part of history and we think this is such a valuable experience for our students.

It is more than 70 years since the Nazi concentration camps at Auschwitz and Birkenau near the town of Oswiecim in Poland were liberated by the Allies.

The camps are perhaps the most potent and recognisable reminder of the Holocaust - the systematic extermination of groups deemed by the Nazis to be not worthy of living - Jews, Poles, Russians, Roma and prisoners of war.

Although the exact figure is not known, it is estimated that six million people perished during the Holocaust of which 1.5million were children and of which 1.1million were killed at Auschwitz.

Rosa Heaton said: "It has made me think about these people as individuals. Seeing the suitcases, the baby shoes and children’s clothes was horrible. Coming here has opened my eyes to it all."

Ciara Moore said: "This visit has made what I have learned in school very real. "To see how the Nazis told them they would get their possessions back once they arrived was emotional."


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