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The Norwood School

Annual Statement

Annual Statement Norwood School Governing Body 

Annual Statement of the Norwood School Board of Governors for the academic year 2016-2017

The academic year ending July 2017 was another successful year for this school.  The hard work of teachers, support staff, senior leadership team and governors led to great results for our pupils.  We are very pleased to say that The Norwood School is in the top five secondary schools in Lambeth for Progress 8 and that strategies are in place to ensure that this is at least sustained, if not bettered.

As Governors, through our role of monitoring and challenging the school, we get to see the dedication of our teaching staff, the support given to those who struggle and the high expectations sought from all students.

In committee meetings we look at data and the progress that students are making and know that this is a school that makes a real difference to its students.  An area of focus this year was the new more challenging GCSEs graded 1-9 in English and Maths and ensuring that those students were properly prepared for the exams.  We also look at the financial position of the school to ensure that money is responsibly managed.  We have also considered the impact of the proposed new funding formula, when this would come into effect, and how best to mitigate the projected funding reduction.  Despite a difficult economic climate and funding changes we are pleased to report that the school finances remain in good standing and we continue to have a carry forward each year.

Good Governance means knowing the school which cannot be done solely through committee meetings.  Governors visit the school regularly to build strong relationships with heads of faculties and staff through individual link governor meetings. This helps us better understand the work being done in school and the challenges faced by staff.  We have also undertaken learning walks and attended performances and exhibitions which show case the hard work of our staff and what our pupils can achieve when they are pushed and challenged to do better.  When we visit the school, we find a quiet and calm atmosphere where pupils are engaged with their lessons.  When it is noisy it is because pupils are engaged in activities or discussions.  We also see the hard work of students displayed on the walls, in exhibitions and performances.

Behaviour in this school is very good.  When there are issues or concerns about behaviour or attendance, Governors participate in intervention panels with parents, pupils and staff.

Governance Matters:

The governing board consists of 13 governors: 4 elected parent governors, 1 local authority governor, 2 staff governors (one of whom is the Head Teacher), and 6 co-opted governors.

Following the resignation of Hannah Hope, Mehreen Lodhi and Rahnuma Choudhury the governing board has 2 vacancies for a co-opted governor and we aim to fill one of these vacancies with a governor with experience in performance arts.  We would like to take this opportunity to thank Hannah, Mehreen, and Rahnuma for their contribution to the governing board.

Governors have good attendance at meetings and each full governing board meeting (FGBM) has been “quorate”. (A minimum of 3 governors are required for meetings to be quorate). 

Governors have undertaken a wide range of training to help them carry out their duties, including safeguarding, looked after children, understanding school data, effective school visits, chairing meetings, safer recruitment, and preparing for OFSTED.  This is in addition to relevant training undertaken in the capacity of our careers.

Future plans

Our aims for the forthcoming year:

  1. To ensure that progress is above average for all groups of students in all subjects so that all students, irrespective of their starting point, achieve their best.
  2. To communicate more widely the work of the Governing Board within our community, and to increase our engagement with our stakeholders with a particular focus on pupils and parents.
  3. To implement our governance review and to analyse our roles as Governors and the impact we have on pupil’s performance.

How To Contact Us:  We welcome suggestions, feedback and ideas from staff, pupils, parents/carers so please get in touch. To contact us please address correspondence to Norwood School Governing Board c/o Stephen Heather , the School Business Manager (