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The Norwood School

Business Studies

Name of subject: BTEC Business (Level 3)

Examination board - Edexcel

Qualification: BTEC Diploma                                           

Entry requirements:  4+ GCSES A*-C  (Required),  C in English is preferred

Description of the course (Overview): 

Business is all around us, we encounter businesses throughout our daily lives but do we really understand how they operate, why they operate and what it takes for them to continue to exist and thrive.

In this course you will learn about the world of business and develop knowledge and skills which will support you not only in further academic study but in the world of work.

This knowledge includes effective communication, traditional and internet marketing, recruitment and selection, pitching a new product, personal & financial management, how and why businesses exist and so much more.

Skills developed include: 

Skills developed include:

  • Cognitive and problem-solving skills: use critical thinking, approach non-routine problems applying expert and creative solutions, use systems and technology
  • ·ntrapersonal skills: communicating, working collaboratively, negotiating and influencing, self-presentation
  • Interpersonal skills: self-management, adaptability and resilience, self-monitoring and development.

720 GLH Equivalent in size to two A Levels. 8 units of which 6 are mandatory and 3 are external. (M) Mandatory content (83%) External assessment (45%). (O) Optional content.

Units studied:

  • 1 Exploring Business (M) (Internally assessed)
  • 2 Developing a Marketing Campaign (M) (Externally assessed)
  • 3 Personal and Business Finance (M) (Externally assessed)
  • 4 Managing an Event (M) (Internally assessed)
  • 5 International Business (M) (Internally assessed)
  • 6 Principles of Management (M) (Internally assessed)
  • 8 Recruitment and Selection Process (O) (Internally assessed)
  • 9 Team Building in Business (O) (Internally assessed)
  • 14 Investigating Customer Service (O) (Internally assessed)
  • 17 Digital Marketing (O) (Internally assessed)
  • 18 Creative Promotion (O) (Internally assessed)
  • 19 Pitching for a New Business (O) (Internally assessed)

Please note that optional units may vary according to the individual interests and aspirations of the student cohort.

Enrichment activities 

Young enterprise (Year 12)

Running the Norwood School Smoothie Bar (Students keep profits)