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The Norwood School


Our staff are passionate about each and every child and dedicate their time to delivering an outstanding education

We offer a dynamic, innovative and engaging curriculum that has been praised by Ofsted.  Our curriculum is designed to meet the needs and abilities of all students. We believe learning should be a fun experience and our curriculum is enriched by our specialist status which offers students the opportunity to be creative, gain confidence and develop their self-esteem. Our specialism also means students enjoy trips to museums, galleries and theatres and visits from well-known artists and performing companies.

Whilst the specialism is an important part of our curriculum and enhances our offer, we place equal emphasis on all subjects across the curriculum ensuring students leave us with the foundations to succeed in all areas. Our staff are passionate about each and every child and dedicate their time to delivering an outstanding education, providing students with the skills and abilities they need to realise their ambitions.

Our excellent GCSE results demonstrate the success of our curriculum, with students achieving well in all areas, from English to Modern Foreign Languages right through to Science.

We believe preparation for examinations is essential and spend time with students developing their exam and revision techniques. We also offer mentoring and one-to-one guidance with students as they prepare for this nerve-racking time.

Immersion Days are programmed throughout the year. During Immersion Days the Performing and Visual Arts teams will often work alongside other faculties devising opportunities for pupils to explore topics in greater depth through possible film, dance, music, art or drama. Examples include Science and Geography working on a project about coastal erosion at the seaside, Maths and PE putting a bid together to host an Olympic Games, History, ICT  and Art working together to make a film about local family history and the Post War  ‘Windrush’ Immigration, interviewing local elderly residents and visiting the Black Archive in Brixton and the British Library, the creation of an International Café that combines MFL, Business Studies, Visual Arts, and Music or a Murder Mystery day combining Science, English, Media, Citizenship and the Arts.

Arts Weeks are a fresh, imaginative approach to cross curricular work, with students spending the penultimate week of the summer term exploring and acquiring skills through challenging and memorable activities that have a long lasting impact. The weeks are themed and have, in the past, covered topics as broad as South America, East Asia, London, The Olympics, Big Question and Fashion.

We are proud of our creative approach to the curriculum and ensure that students achieve high standards in their public exams and attain the qualifications that they need, and prepare and equip them for their futures.

Students are challenged, academically, as well as in the Arts

At The Norwood School we recognise that some students have special abilities and talents.  We see it as our responsibility to identify and nurture these. 

At The Norwood School:

We believe that success begins in the classroom where our talented and creative staff ensure that students are challenged, academically as well as in the arts.

There is a range of opportunities and resource materials available across every subject that ensure able students are given the opportunity to be individually challenged and to work at their own level and pace within the context of an environment that supports their broad development alongside their particular ability.  When appropriate, support is sought from outside agencies, to provide extension activities.

Students who have particular gifts and talents are identified early on as part of our highly acclaimed, personalised transition programme so that we make appropriate provision across the curriculum, or your child, as soon as they join us in September Yr 7.

As a Specialist Performing and Visual Arts School we aim to ensure every student has access to a diverse and exciting range of cultural opportunities both within and outside the classroom. Talented artists, designers and performers who have been awarded the Specialist Bursaries have a particularly bespoke programme that continues to adapt to their ever changing and flourishing talents and often work closely with visiting professionals as well as having frequent opportunities to showcase their work in exhibitions and performances.