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The Norwood School

Key Stage 3 Bursary Applications for September 2022 Admission

Please use the links to the forms to apply for Specialist Bursaries.

To apply for a Visual Arts Bursary click here

To apply for a Performing Arts Bursary in Music click here

To apply for a Performing Arts Bursary in Drama click here

To apply for a Performing Arts Bursary in Dance click here

After the deadline each applicant will be sent a specific letter according to which and how many workshops they have applied for.

Please read the letter you will be sent carefully, it will contain information about timings of sessions, what your child will need to prepare in advance and what, if anything, you will need to ensure your child brings with them.

If you apply for more than one specialism -

Please also note that if you apply for more than one specialism then you will receive more than one letter/email – please ensure that you arrive for the start of the earliest session.

Drama Bursary Applicants - Suggested Monologues - Please see attachments below.

Please read more about our bursary process below.

Children who are eligible for a bursary place will have their names placed in the school’s bursary band. All applicants will be placed in one of seven bands - bursary, five ability bands and a band for those without a test score.

Please note: Applications for a Performing or Visual Arts Bursary to be returned to Admissions at The Norwood School, Crown Dale, London SE19 3NY by .

Workshop and audition date: 

Bursary auditions and workshops – Saturday 16th October 2021