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The Norwood School


Welcome to Pathways 2021

Students will be given their own hard copy of the booklet that is provided as a pdf below. Parents will be invited to a meeting prior to the start of Pathways Evening on Thursday 11th Feb, where we will explain the whole process, how to make your choices, what you can and can't choose from and when the deadline is. 

Please find below some key dates for you to remember;

Subject specific Assemblies (online) will continue after half term ,week beg Monday 22nd Feb. 

It is important that students attend all virtual assemblies and every tutor session over the next  few weeks. They must be punctual to every session offered so that they are kept informed  as to the content, delivery and your suitability to all subjects.  Performing and Visual Arts Faculty teachers will speak to them at the start of one of their specialism days.

Thursday 11th February - Pathways Evening 4:30 - 7pm
National Apprenticeship Week Monday 8th Feb - Sunday 14th Feb

Presentations to students by Heads of Subject Week Beginning Monday 22nd February in tutor time

National Careers Week beginning Monday 1st March 2021

Deadline for Pathway Choices Friday 12th March 2021 5pm




Pathways Application Form

Once you have thought carefully about the choices you want to make then you need to complete this preference application form.

Remember that you can change for your mind if you want to - but if you do, then you MUST complete the form again. It will be your LAST entry that will bet he one that will count when we process the choices. 

The deadline for Pathways Applications is now closed for Spring 2021