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The Norwood School

Russell Group University Programme

We have set up a Russell Group Programme with targeted Yr 10, 11 and 12 students to increase the numbers of students who are successfully securing places at the top universities. Parents and students are invited in to a launch evening in October attended by Senior Staff, the Sixth Form pastoral team, Oxbridge Graduates and Outreach Teams, University Student mentors and Careers Advisers. Miss Flemming ( Deputy Head of Sixth Form)  will be leading on the mentoring and tutorial programme for those who we are encouraging to aspire to Oxbridge and Russell Group Universities. The programme of meetings/trips and visits to Oxford/Cambridge/mentoring sessions etc is shared with parents and students . 

Without the help and support from the Russell Group University programme I can safely say I would still be left 'clueless' as to what I want to do in the future.  Staff advised me to create a 'reaction notebook' at the beginning of year 12, where I made notes every time I found an interesting relevant source (whether that be an article, fun fact or documentary) - this was key to helping me realise my passion for biochemistry. I was encouraged to watch 'Ted Talks' and read science blogs which made me realise my wish is most definitely to pursue science communication as a career, after possibly undertaking a PHD. Applying to the top universities was a daunting and alien experience to me, but having help from my teachers, heads of year and staff at Dulwich College, I have written my personal statement with ease. The programme at Norwood has been instrumental in making the application process feel less intimidating, and has made me aim really high in my aspirations for the future. 




Upper Sixth

Timeline for Russell Group Univeristy Programme 




Super-curricular activities



Oxbridge practise tests

RG students identified Y12 + Y11, Y10

UCL Horizons Applications Year 10 – programme runs throughout the year

Y12 University trip

Oxford Outreach at school –  year 11/12/13 tutorials and advice session

K+ programme presentation (year 12)

RG advice workshop at Dulwich College – personal statements


Presentation & introduction session

K+ programme application deadline

Y13 Oxbridge Application deadline

Y12 SOAS Master classes advertised

Y11 Individual Careers Interviews

RG advice workshop at Dulwich College – personal statements

November 2017

Individual mentoring sessions (approx. 20 mins)

Signing up for study days Cambridge/Oxford/London Y12

Y12/13 RG students mentor younger students, help out at parents’ evenings etc.

Y12 SOAS Master classes applications completed

Year 12 Transitions Interviews – buddy up with RG year 13 students

Year 13 Oxbridge/medicine pre-interview assessments

RG advice workshop at Dulwich College – Oxbridge/medicine interviews

Social Mobility Fund deadline



Sussex Study Programme Deadline



Individual mentoring sessions (approx. 20 mins)

Signing up for taster days – University of London Y12s

Guest speakers and Russell Group Uni visits

Year 12 Oxford/Cambridge application conference

Link school, Cambridge trip for Y12

Y9 & 10 Cambridge talk

University of Sussex Multi-taster Day for years 7&8

Year 8 UCL Sutton Scholars deadline



Sutton Trust and UNIQ summer schools’ deadlines



Individual mentoring sessions Y12



Year 10 Individual Careers Interviews



Individual mentoring sessions plus group session personal statement – 1 day Y12



Y12 Start UCAS applications

Y9/10/11 Cambridge trip

Year 10 Medicine placements at King’s College



Individual mentoring sessions Y12 RG

Attend summer schools

Y11 Sixth Form Taster Day

Y12 Work Experience



Personal statement support summer (via email)

Year 8 attend UCL summer schools

Year 10 Russell Group Summer schools



Individual mentoring sessions (approx. 20 mins) Y13RG

Presentation & intro new Y12 RG

Finalising Personal Statements Y13 applicants

Oxbridge practise tests



Individual mentoring sessions (approx. 20 mins) Y13 RG

Early application deadline Oct 15 Y13 – Oxbridge/Medicine/Dentistry/Veterinary Science

November 2018


Interview preparation and individual mentoring Y13 – one day

Individual mentoring sessions – one day new Y12 RG

Signing up for study days Cambridge/Oxford/London Y12 RG

January 2019


Signing up for taster days – University of London Y12s

Individual mentoring sessions (approx. 20 mins) with Y12 RG